The Industry 4.0 Revolution for SMEs

    Most information about Industry 4.0 centres around use in large factories by large companies. In actual fact, the majority of companies in the World are small to medium in size.

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    Understanding Productivity

    'Productivity’ seems like a nebulous term. Can Industry 4.0 technologies, and indeed IT in general, increase productivity? Has there been any evidence for this in the past? Will newer technologies actually improve productivity?

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    Industry 4.0 Benefits

    Industry 4.0 is game changing. It provides a way to improve productivity, lower costs and help counter competition from mass production in low-wage economies.

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    Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing and the Smart Factory

    Industry 4.0 relies on the sensing and exchange of data to allow a factory to be quantified, adaptive and responsive. The aim is to maximise asset use, maintain quality, reduce costs and improve safety as well as sustainability.