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This site provides information and news for Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) looking to improve productivity through the use of Industry 4.0 technologies. We educate and inspire CEOs, COOs, CTOs and innovation managers through better understanding of the opportunities, barriers, strategies, and technologies. This site is a living magazine that's continually updated with new insights and the latest news.

Unlike large companies served by expensive consultancies with expensive solutions, SMEs can’t take on the excessive risk of large scale solutions. For SMEs there’s usually uncertainty about the benefits of Industry 4.0, a lack of knowledge about solutions and an incorrect perception of high costs.

“95 of CEOs say that technological disruption is an opportunity and not a threat”
KPMG Outlook

Industry 4.0 can be implemented by SME’s with much leaner resources than large companies. SMEs’ quicker decision-making and faster time to deployment can actually be used to advantage. The key lies in using commercially available technologies and subsystems rather than expensive customised solutions. For example, use of low cost components and consumer grade rugged mobile devices together with simplified programming languages can provide for pragmatic, yet still business-changing, solutions. This site explains the technologies and provides some strategies.

We are not journalists or reporters. Our UK-based authors are practitioners of Industry 4.0 technologies. This site is the result of our experiences working with SMEs and enterprise companies. It has been partly inspired by the activities of UK Catapult, Eurofound and Institute for Manufacturing’s work identifying and helping SMEs who are an under-served yet largest part of the industry market. This site is managed by Beaconzone Ltd in the United Kingdom.

There are four main sections to the site. Start in the Opportunities section to discover how Industry 4.0 can help your company. Learn about the main Technologies then read the Strategies to get started. Browse the News for the very latest insights and product news.

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