Annual Manufacturing Report 2020

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  • March 11, 2020
Annual Manufacturing Report 2020

An informative report based on a survey of manufacturers.

There’s a new Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, produced by The Manufacturer. It’s based on a United Kingdom survey of manufacturers conducted by The Manufacturer magazine between December 2019 and January 2020.

Successful manufacturers are looking beyond industry trends to become future ready

While there’s ‘Digital transformation fatigue’, 90% of consumer goods manufacturers see digital transformation as a top 3 priority. A recurring theme in this and other works is that companies want more openness but are not willing to be open themselves regrading their own implementations.

Customers want open book (but without opening theirs). Trust in product and process has never been more important. There is also a need to protect IP within SMEs through non-formal methods (as opposed to formal protections via patents.)

89% of manufacturers believe Smart Factory technologies will improve their supply chain relationships. 87% believe smart factory techologies will accelerate innovation and design development.

The report includes useful sections on cybersecurity, business transformation, financial investments and people and skills provided by the report sponsor organisations.


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