BeaconZone Ltd

BeaconZone Ltd

Bluetooth tracking, sensing and triggering solutions.

Beaconzone Ltd are specialists in Bluetooth® beacon solutions. They supply hardware and software for asset tracking and Bluetooth sensing. Complete solutions, consultancy and software development services.

  • BeaconServer™ – Collects multi-location beacon advertising data and makes it available to other people, systems and apps
  • BeaconRTLS™ – Real Time Locating System (RTLS) to locate assets and people
  • SensorMesh™ – Standard Bluetooth® mesh-based locating and sensing
  • SensorLoRa™ – Extends Bluetooth® Tracking and Sensing with Lora® Long Range Wireless
  • SensorCognition™ – AI machine learning edge device

Over 100 different Bluetooth beacon models in stock as well as beacon-related accessories such as batteries, lanyards, Faraday bags and beacon-WiFi/Ethernet gateways.

BeaconZone Ltd


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