Bluetooth’s Role in the IIoT

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  • October 4, 2019
Bluetooth’s Role in the IIoT

A new article at NetworkWorld on Bluetooth highlights the 3 things driving Bluetooth adoption in IIoT.

The article explains how market awareness, penetration and new technological advancements are making Bluetooth a key networking technology for the IIoT. The article mentions how Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh and Bluetooth direction finding are driving Bluetooth adoption in industrial and enterprise IoT applications.

This isn’t totally true. It’s early days. Bluetooth 5 hasn’t yet found its way into IIoT solutions and is in very few consumer devices. Bluetooth mesh is, so far, mainly found in the lighting industry and there are few manufacturing industry solutions other than SensorMesh and Wirepas and the latter doesn’t use standard Bluetooth mesh. No Bluetooth standard direction finding hardware is yet available.

What the article doesn’t say is that Bluetooth 4 sensors are already being used on the factory floor. Sensor beacons allow:

  • IIoT without soldering or electronics skills
  • IIoT without edge software, via the use of gateways
  • Sensing where there’s no mains power
  • Sensing where there’s no Ethernet
  • Low cost
  • Real time locating of assets and people (RTLS)


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