Create a Team

Create a Team

Establish a steering group team made up of staff across departments, stakeholders and suppliers.

Existing Staff

Skills are a problem and SMEs must look to upskill and re-skill staff. As an SME, staff will most likely be used to the need for multidisciplinary duties. These will be extended and stretched further with Industry 4.0. IT and admin staff will need to work more with data, engineer solutions, diagnose and repair data problems and gradually take on data analyst roles. It will be necessary to attract different and multidisciplinary skills sets and talents when recruiting.

Avoid the common mistake of overloading an existing IT operations person with sole resonsibility for Industry 4.0. They won’t get the time, existing operations will always take priority and Industry 4.0 won’t get done.

73% of adopters say IoT is too important to be left to IT alone.
Vodafone IoT Barometer 2019

Also consider upskilling all staff, even those that are not IT literate by providing basic IT training. It helps when every employee understands how IT-related processes work and brings everyone on-board.


Studies show that an increasing number of Industry 4.0 and IoT initiatives don’t achieve their full potential because although the business data is collected, it’s not fully utilised. Full adoption needs leadership. It’s important that stakeholders/management are part of the steering group so that the business processes can be changed to make best use of the Industry 4.0 innovations.


Suppliers bring in technologies as well as much needed experience. Encourage them to work with existing staff for upskilling and ensuring you can eventually be self-sufficient. Maximise your budget through the use of self-employed experts and other SMEs who are designers, developers, engineers and repair/maintenance experts.

“Looking outside their business for support, 79% say that in the past year they’ve increased their use of partners to deliver and/or manage their IoT programmes”
Vodafone IoT Barometer 2019

Avoid looking for a one-size-fits-all supplier:

“No single entity, whether a service provider, a software or hardware provider, or a vertical industry specialist, can address all of the many facets of an initiative”
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