Data Storage at the Edge

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  • March 6, 2020
Data Storage at the Edge

Learn about Industry 4.0 and Micro Data Centers.

The Schneider Electric blog has a new article on The Secret Sauce for Industry 4.0 – the Micro Data Center at the Local Edge. It asks what defines Industry 4.0 and explains how companies are seeking increased automation, agility, security and resilience. It also explains how different Industry 4.0 technology transformations are in different stages of the adoption curve:

The first step of Industry 4.0 transformation is usually to improve metering and sensing which generates lots of data. Often it’s advantageous to store data locally rather than in the cloud. This provides reduced latency, higher levels of local compute power and the capability to store high frequency sensor and video data.

The micro data center is useful for use in such situations. It allows manufacturing and quality control to be performed in real time and handling of massive volumes of content that would otherwise overwhelm external networks. It also provides a more cost effective way of storing data than a centralised cloud. The article says a micro data center is the secret sauce of Industry 4.0.

A typical micro data centre consists of up to four servers in a single 19-inch rack. The server cabinets sometimes include cooling systems, UPS, fire detection and extinguishing and access control.


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