Digital Product Development 2025

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  • February 26, 2020
Digital Product Development 2025

Competitive advantage through efficiency, lower costs and tailor-made products.

PwC has a free study (no registration required) on Digital Product Development 2025 – Agile, Collaborative, AI Driven and Customer Centric that looks into what makes, what they call, digital champions – those that are successful through the use of technology.

A key area for growth is tailor-made products matched to individual customer needs. This involves personalisation while optimising cost.

Successful companies use data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) mainly for digital product development but even they have opportunities to use these technologies more comprehensively.

A company that wants to deliver customer-focused products can no longer do without digital tools and capabilities, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics

Digital champions invest more in digital product development. They integrate integrate customer focus into the development process at an early stage, and work closely with partners.


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