Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

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  • February 21, 2020
Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

Discover the advantages of edge computing.

Ericsson has a new paper on next-generation edge-cloud ecosystems (pdf). Edge computing places the data processing on edge devices rather than centralising compute and storage in the cloud or data centre. Local computing allows for faster alerts, removes redundant sending of data to the cloud and keeps data local for improved privacy and security.

The paper mentions how different usecases have differing requirements that require distinct parts to be placed at the edge:

From an optimization perspective, it is vital to place only the applications that will provide the most benefit at the edge

For more complex applications, there’s the requirement for management and orchestration of what goes where. The paper goes on to propose a solution for management based on the distributed cloud infrastructure for virtual network functions (VNFs) and the ETSI NFV orchestration and management functionalities.


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