Education for Industry 4.0

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  • January 16, 2020
Education for Industry 4.0

A focus on current AI Education helping to drive Industry 4.0.

With so many books, articles and reports highlighting the lack of skills for AI, it’s refreshing to see an Article at All About Circuits providing an overview of current AI education in a new article AI-focused Education Indicates That Industry 4.0 is Closer Than We Think.

It explains how the use of AI in industry requires educational shifts that can provide smart hacks never before seen in manufacturing. This will facilitate increases in production in ways never imagined.

Graduate based eduction in AI is available at institutions such as the US University of Rochester,Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, The University of Georgia and The University of Tennessee Knoxville. The article also highlights the 3A Institute (3AI) in Australia.

Most engineering schools within the U.S. have realised the need to offer courses in AI and subfields (e.g., machine learning, data analytics, etc.)

AI education isn’t all about higher education. The article also mentions school curriculums for AI as well as upskilling existing workforces using AI workshops and courses.


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