Getting Started

Getting Started

There’s sometimes paralysis knowing where to start.

Start where there’s most value. Devise a scenario that will prove worth to stakeholders. Work out the key problems that, if solved, would achieve the greatest gains. You have probably ignored problems or inefficiencies for years or decades because they were thought to be insolvable. Technology might now be able to solve these problems.

Think about bottlenecks, human effort-limited tasks, costly workrounds stoppages, downtimes, process delays, under-used equipment and under-used people. Can you measure these things and react? Can you predict they are about to happen? This is where you can introduce sensing.

Start by automatically quantifying your key problems. For most companies this usually means tracking assets. Fortunately, this is one of more mature Industry 4.0 technologies:

“The Priority Matrix shows that many technologies are 5 years from mainstream adoption. However only one innovation profile will reach maturity in 2 years, indoor location for assets.”
Gartner 2019

Implement a few improvements that offer good payback for the effort and return on investment (ROI). The improvements in efficiency, reduced costs, productivity and customer experience can be enough to convince stakeholders to expand and better plan a roadmap for more substantial digital transformation.

“74% of adopters say that within five years, companies that haven’t adopted IoT will have fallen behind their competitors”
Vodafone IoT Barometer 2019


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