Industry 4.0 Modeling Languages

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  • February 7, 2020
Industry 4.0 Modeling Languages

Read an extended systematic study of industry 4.0 modeling languages.

Modeling languages can be used to describe Industry 4.0 projects. Using a modeling language can reduce development time, improve time-to-market and can lower the cost of development and integration. There’s recent research by Andreas Wortmann, Olivier Barais, Benoit Combemale, Manuel Wimmer on Modeling Languages in Industry 4.0: An Extended Systematic Mapping Study. Software and Systems Modeling (pdf).

The paper looks into the expected benefits of applying modeling languages to Industry 4.0, concerns addressed through modeling languages, kinds of modeling languages, most frequently applied research methods and the most popular publications and conferences covering this type of information.

… high number of publications focusing on methods and solutions, instead of validation research … more evaluation research in industrial settings is necessary

Domain-specific languages and UML (including variants) were found to be the modeling languages applied most often


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