Industry 4.0 Platform Business Models

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  • October 18, 2019
Industry 4.0 Platform Business Models

Read about the options for choosing an Industry 4.0 platform.

There’s a new interview on the Digital Society Blog on platform business models for SMEs that classified the options as:

  • Make – development of an own platform
  • Buy – acquisition of or investment in an existing platform
  • Join – participation in an existing platform as user or supplier

ADAMOS (Adaptive Manufacturing Open Solutions) is mentioned, as a ‘Join’ option, which is an industrial IoT platform for the mechanical and plant-engineering industry. It’s a neutral, open, nonproprietary platform created by a group of industrial and software companies. By joining the group you gain access to their open software.

The article mentions how SMEs sometimes lack the resources and the know how to build their own platforms making co-operations between SMEs an option. There’s also a tip for Germans (the focus of the article is Germany) to avoid aiding the monopoly of large American platforms and instead find and use European platforms so as to avoid dependencies on the incumbents.

What the article doesn’t say is that for some, especially smaller SMEs, special IoT or Industry 4.0 platforms might not be required and this can help ‘make’ become a viable option. If you only focus on what’s pertinent you may find you have relatively small and simple needs. In many cases you can avoid getting unnecessarily tied into large and complex IoT platforms with future and unknown future fees. If you have or can acquire standard in-house database and system operations skills you should consider hosting your own databases and/or self-hosted open source IoT platforms.


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