IoT Survey

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  • March 9, 2020
IoT Survey

Discover why and how others use IoT.

Farnell, the electronic components supplier, have a recent survey on IoT. The insights come from 2,015 respondents across 67 countries. Remember these are engineers who have purchased components, rather than management, which might have influenced the answers.

Security is seen as the most important factor in IoT. Developers prefer to design complete solutions themselves rather than involve a third party. Interoperability and ease of development are the two main factors that accelerate implementation.

Most organisations are building to become more innovative or to create a market solution. The most value of IoT is gained by operations, ticketing, support and maintenance.

Businesses prefer to have the ownership of and full control on data, as there are no monthly subscription charges, it is harder to breach externally, faster and can be accessed locally

Most (70%) developers use C/C++ on popular single board computers or own designs. The most popular server side language is Python. WiFi and Cellular are the most used ways of getting data from sensors to the cloud.


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