Presentations from the European Big Data Value Forum

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  • November 14, 2019
Presentations from the European Big Data Value Forum

Download the latest presentations on Industry 4.0.

The European Big Data Value Forum took place in Helsinki this week and many of the presentations are now available online. The following downloadable presentations are of particular relevance to Industry 4.0:

Shaping the future with AI – Generative design, digital twins, digital companions

Boost 4.0: The Lighthouse Initiative towards a European Industrial Data Space (EIDS) – Factory 4.0, business value, industrial manufacturing, collaborative cognitive manufacturing, manufacturing processes, high performance big data algorithms & platforms, Factory 4.0 challenges, Boost reference architecture, Factory 4.0 pilots.

EFFRA Vision for manufacturing – Examples of SME driven innovation for robotics and AI.

Towards common EU Data Spaces in Manufacturing: an open source reference implementation

The Power of Technology vs The Power of People

Business impact for data-driven services in Manufacturing

How to benefit from Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Enabling Smart Manufacturing with Federated AI at the Edge


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