Research Shows SMEs Benefit Most From Industry 4.0

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  • January 22, 2020
Research Shows SMEs Benefit Most From Industry 4.0

Read research on the relationship between company type and benefit from Industry 4.0.

There’s a new paper by researchers at the University of Turin, on Smart factory performance and Industry 4.0 that analyses Industry 4.0 companies in terms of the number of technologies used, depth and the number of value chain stages. It investigates the causal relationship between the degrees of openness toward Industry 4.0 technologies and performance.

The insights are based on 231 local manufacturing industry units adopting Industry 4.0 in Piedmont, northern Italy. The paper confirms that companies more open to Industry 4.0 technologies are more likely to obtain greater opportunities in terms of flexibility, speed, increased production capacity, decreased errors and costs, improved product quality and ability to meet customer needs.

Micro-enterprises local manufacturing units obtain more opportunities through their openness to Industry 4.0

Greater benefits are obtained by SMEs through the ability to overcome the lack of economies of scale due to mass customisation and personalisation.


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