Secrets of Succeeding with AI

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  • February 3, 2020
Secrets of Succeeding with AI

IBM has uncovered the traits of companies succeeding with AI.

IBM has a new free report on Decoding the 7 traits of companies achieving success with AI (pdf). The report is based on research involving more than 550 executives of major organisations.

While 85% of respondents see AI as a business imperative and more than half are experimenting with AI, only 18% of organisations are deeply committed to AI. Over half of all AI programs generate no real measurable changes while companies that do succeed achieve AI results that far surpass their peers. The research attempted to determine what traits differentiate success.

AI might start as experiments run on servers in small labs or under the data scientist’s desk. But highly successful AI demands infrastructure that can scale beyond experimentation

The main traits were found to be:

  • Treat AI as a business strategy, not just a technical tool
  • Think big and keep AI components close
  • Build in the right infrastructure right from the start
  • Rethink your AI partners to succeed in this new world
  • Leverage multiple AI technologies
  • Planning and solving for collaboration challenges trumps proving ROI
  • Proactively plan for ambiguity and scale

Read the paper to discover more.

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