Siemens Industry 4.0 Insights

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  • September 24, 2019
Siemens Industry 4.0 Insights

There’s a new article at Forbes on Blueprint For Industry 4.0: What Manufacturers Must Do Today.

The article is based on a talk with Aparicio Oje from Siemens who provides some insights what to look for in Industry 4.0 solutions.

There’s mention of the question whether to update legacy industrial systems vs retrofitting with more modern IoT technologies. Interoperability using systems that use common, standard protocols is seen as key to faster integration and ‘time to value’. There’s also a move to general rather than single purpose industrial machines.

When modelling systems using data, it’s mentioned that it’s most often the case that it’s not practical to model everything and the ‘Digital Twin’ is more of an ideal, theoretical case. Instead, model what matters and use the data to create correlations with traditional experiments, spreadsheets, and statistics.


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