SME IIoT Case Study

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  • October 2, 2019
SME IIoT Case Study

There’s a very recent case study at ManufacturingTomorrow on IIoT in a SME Environment.

The article by Richard Majer of flupo Systemtechnik e.U. describes the challenges of IIoT at a stainless-steel sheet metal products manufacturer. It explains how most IIoT product offerings are very complex products, very expensive and lock you into one vendor.

The case study centres around an existing robotic welding machine. The company initially wants to get a better understanding of how much time and how the machine is used. Better visibility is required of malfunctions or errors and when serious downtime occurs as this isn’t always reported by machine operators.

Richard describes how he solved the problem of the existing PLC system offering very limited access. An OPC UA interface offered 10 datapoints but only when used with the machine vendor’s production planning software running on the machine’s PLC.

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