The Business Value of Additive Manufacturing

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  • November 21, 2019
The Business Value of Additive Manufacturing

Learn what’s possible with additive manufacturing.

The November issue of Smart Manufacturing has an article by Lou Rassey of Fast Radius on How to calculate business value with additive manufacturing (AM). It explains how AM enables new design and production capabilities that previously weren’t possible with legacy processes:

  • Make the Unmakable – Make parts that previously weren’t possible or viable.
  • Mass Personalisation – Produce single parts without costly molds.
  • Virtual Warehousing – Manufacture parts just in time rather than producing in bulk and storing in a warehouse.
  • Faster Product Development – Produce end-use parts in the same way as the prototype

Companies need to reframe thinking to enable new products and sometimes new services. They need to look beyond material costs and look at the wider savings and opportunities.


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