Use and Advantages of Robots for SMEs

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  • December 17, 2019
Use and Advantages of Robots for SMEs

Insights from the SWMAS Manufacturing Autumn Barometer.

SWMAS has a new autumn manufacturing barometer report, with a special focus on robots for SMEs, that while UK-centric has some useful insights for all SMEs globally.

Europe has more robots per worker than anywhere else in the world. Robot sales in Europe have increased by 12% year on year. In the UK, 16% of SME manufacturers already use robots. Over 70% either don’t plan to or don’t know if they will use robots.

Those businesses using reports report better quality and repeatability, lower costs and faster operations.

“Lack of awareness around robots is harming the productivity of businesses, particularly for SMEs”

Drawbacks are seen to be the inflexibility of coping with product variation, a shortage of programming and maintenance skills and high implementation costs.


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